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Introduction: Creating a PI Sreen Saver

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Hello Hello welcome in this Instructables we are going to make a pi screen saver. If your a complete and total math geek then you should like this Instructables. One time when i was 11(I'm 13) i thought it would be cool if i could make a screen saver that i liked(I'm a math geek). My older brother told me about pi one time and i thought it would be perfect for it. So i went home and made it. My biggest problem was getting the pictures to show up because i knew nothing of this method at the time. So i kept looking for a way to do it and eventually came across this method.


If you are a complete computer geek then you might already know how to do this.


Photos or pictures of pi
A working computer
Free access to all computer functions

First step right click on your desktop and hit the option that says properties

Step 1: Screen Saver

Next on the top of the window there should be some options click the one that says screen saver. Once you have there should be more options. click  the option that says Browse.

Step 2: Cumstumizing

If you have some photos of math or pi put them into a file and go back to the screen saver page and look for the file. Double click on it.

Note it will come up as a slide show.

Step 3: All Done

There you have it. Just click apply and preview to show it off to your friends if you want to. You can put new photos in the file and include those into the slide show if you want to. You can alter it with more advanced options if you want(How long a picture stays, How big how small etc. etc. etc.). I dont know if you can use this trick with school computers. Usually they have this sort of thing blocked for student users. I did this trick on a windows XP. It might be different for other types of computers but generally its the same.

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