Creating a Peintball Marker

Introduction: Creating a Peintball Marker


1) Reinforced polypropylene tubes for 25 and 40 meters in length on the floor

3) Antenna.

4) The ball valve is suitable for pipe 25.

5) The powder fire extinguisher with manometer.

6) Three clamp that can connect a fire extinguisher and a pipe 40.

Step 1:


1) Drill a hole in the extinguisher, unscrew the shock trigger and put through his nipples, puts a puck on the inner side and tighten the screws to seal it all on both sides with epoxy resin.

2) With the power of the ball valve is screwed into the pipe 25.

3) Make a hole in the pipe.

4) Parse the antenna and pick up a piece that fits into the hole for the exit of the powder on the fire extinguisher and a hole in the pipe and saw off the desired part.

5) saw off the half pipe 40 and insert it in the pipe 25

6) is glued all the places of contact tubes from the antenna with the rest on the hot glue. Glued all the places of contact tubes 25 and 40 from both sides in the hot glue.

7) saw off the excess part of the pipe 25

8) Put on and tighten clamps or glue on all hot glue.

Step 2:

A device to push the ball I personally made a piece of pipe 25, and a small tube that was attached to the trigger device and fasten them with screws. We need to push the ball on the tube, or it will not fly.

Marker is ready!

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    3 years ago

    Looks cool, have fun playing!