Creating a Robotic Arm Cut Expanded Polystyrene

Introduction: Creating a Robotic Arm Cut Expanded Polystyrene


hello , my dear friends

I hope you have a good day

I are completing a robotic arm Expanded am Polystyrene cutting

and we 're happy with you in the path to

training, the head of the construction of the first season robotic arm tell

from base.

until the last stage

for the construction of this type of arm of the type of four axes joint robotic arm ( I ).

and for making the arm of using laser - cut

and on the way to explain

for modeling this arm of the two software and catia inventor I use

to control

I use of MATLAB software

in MATLAB software that taught you how can one arm model of CATIA in MATLAB software .

and to control the hardware micro - avr will use

and for communication between pc hardware and micro method of new and interesting I

I am sure

you very much .

without the use of Ardiuno and took the connector ( match3 ) , …

the first step to build arm :

sinematices arm

A series of formula review with them, ' Are you can control robotic arm .

ways of solving sinematices arm :

Harten berg dynamic

Oyler angles


sinematice directly

the simplest method for solving and reaching the final matrix

using the method of direct sinematice .

at all stages of fully explain …

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Step 1:

I tried really hard to complete stages

and soon and I completed Be with me .


Good day


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