Creating a Sunset and Adding Object in Photoshop




Introduction: Creating a Sunset and Adding Object in Photoshop

We will being using Photoshop CC to create a sunset in a landscape photo and include birds into the photo.

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Step 1: Choose Your Images

I chose these two images off google:

Step 2: Getting the Birds Into the Landscape

Using the QUICK SELECTION TOOL on the left menu, adjust the brush size to 10 px by clicking the button under the LAYERS tab.

Then select each bird by clicking on them.

Next go to the bottom right tab where you see all the documents and colors. At the very bottom will be a rectangle with a circle in it. While on the bird photo click on the button to make a mask.

The mask will hide everything save for the things that have been selected.

To adjust the size of the birds, click to photo, press CTRL + t and holding shift to keep the proportions also you use it to move the birds. After you have the desired size, press ENTER.

Step 3: Change the Color Lookup

Once you are done with the birds, go back down next to the MASK button and create a new layer and select COLOR LOOKUP.

A new window will pop up and click on LOAD 3D LUT. Choose LATESUNSET.3DL.

Step 4: Create a Gradient

Again press the button next to MASK to create a new layer but this time create a GRADIENT.

Change the style to radial.

Change the angle to 135 and the scale to 130.

Change the gradient to the 3rd option.

Each tick mark on the gradient color is placed (left to right) at: 0%, 13% 35%, 60%, and 100%

Corresponding with each tick mark are the colors: any white, #fce39f, #ffbc80, #fb9476, and #838383

The 2nd and 3rd tick marks at the top - set the opacity to 48% and 30%.

Double click the gradient layer to move the gradient.

Change the blending mode to HARD LIGHT.

Go back down the layer button and go to brightness/contrast. Change the brightness to what you like.

Step 5: Add a Solid Color

From the layers button, add a SOLID COLOR.

set the color to #ffae00.

Change the blending to SOFT LIGHT and the opacity to 35%.

After finishing the solid color, group all the layers together except for the background and birds.

Create a MASK LAYER for the group and go to the image tab on the top left and APPLY IMAGE.

Step 6: Finishing Up

Duplicate the group layers to create a stronger effect. Just right click on the folder and choose DUPLICATE.

Go back down to the layer button and change the CONTRAST, BRIGHTNESS, and add CURVES.

Adjust according to your likes.


(This was an assignment for class and also my first instructable. I used some videos and tutorials to help create this. Thank you.)

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    Great tutorial. I have a lot of fun doing this with my vacation pictures.