Creating a Zombie



Introduction: Creating a Zombie

The Program I used was Photoshop CS5.

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Step 1: Choose a Photo

Select a photo and bring it into photoshop or any other photo editing program.

Step 2: Changing Skin Color

Using the select tool, select your face and skin.
Go to image- adjustments – then vibrance
         Decrease the vibrance to -100, and decrease the saturation to whatever you think makes the image look best.

Step 3: Altering Eye Color

Using the marquee tool select your eyes, and then color them a pale green.
       Then use the marquee tool to create circles for the iris. Then color the iris a gray or white.
Using a round brush and a low opacity, color around the eyes different shades of gray and black. Changing the opacity between shades may add to the effect you what to achieve.

Step 4: Adding Color

Using the spatter brush at differing sizes and opacity, add pale green spots to the face and clothes.

Step 5: Adding Blood Effects

Using the Spatter Brush and a few different colors of red and dark red add spots to the face, and body.
      Changing brush sizes and the opacity adds to a bloody effect.
      By changing the flow, you can make cool smudge effects.

Step 6: Cut Outs

Using the eye dropper, select the background behind you; then use the spatter brush to make a gouge into your head or body.

Step 7: Finished Product

Using a variety of brushes and colors of reds and black, add blood to the Gouge, body, and walls.
         Using Black and dark shades of blue and purple you can add bruises.
          Brushes I used( other brushes can be used as well):
                      Dune Grass
                      Dry Brush
You can add a bite mark, as I did on my neck, using these tools and principles.

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