Creating a Brass Crest With a Rotary Engraver

Intro: Creating a Brass Crest With a Rotary Engraver

To make something from just a 6" by 6" sheet of 1/8th inch brass and make it come alive into a logo is awesome. I self taught myself everthing on a rotoary engraver. I wanted to see if I could do it and this is the outcome.

I drew up the logo on Gravostyle and vectored the image so that it could be cut out. Then I picked out the right cutters for the job. I chose a profilier and a .090 2 fluted endmill. then I had to make the logo with the profilier bit. After the image was made and ran a few times to clean up the excess brass, I changed the bit to the endmill. To make everyting work and for the piece to drop right out you have to do the project in different steps. Just like on a laser engraver you do raster before vector. It took about 10 passes for the endmill to reach the bottem of the brass. Then I debured the brass and put it into the sand blaster. After that I used 600 grit wet sandpaper. and then I buffed it out with a flapper wheel and some brasso. I really wish this machine belonged to me and was in my garage rather then on the USS NIMITZ. I'm the only one that knows how to go above and beyond on it.



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