Creating a Custom Latch Hook Pattern in Gimp

Introduction: Creating a Custom Latch Hook Pattern in Gimp

This uses GIMP software to make a latch hook rug pattern out of digital picture.


  1. Rescale the image so that each pixel represents a single thread. Image > scale image
  2. Adjust the number of colors. Image > mode >indexed >generate custom palette Try different numbers of colors. Undo via control z to try a different number of colors
  3. Convert image back to rgb Image >mode>RGB
  4. Save.
  5. Create 10px by 10 px patterns export as .pat files. Make sure they are accessible (see video)
  6. Scale image by factor of ten with interpolation set to none.
  7. Resize image so there is room for a key
  8. Add two layers label them temp and pattern
  9. bucket fill temp layer with custom pattern
  10. go to image layer Shift +o to select color move to temp layer copy move to pattern layer paste
  11. delete everything on the temp layer
  12. repeat steps 9-11 until pattern layer is complete
  13. Add marking grid Filter>render>pattern>grid. I suggest matching the blue lines on your canvas so it is easy to count.



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    hej jeg har lige betalt for programme men hvor finder jeg det så jeg kan komme igang ???:_O

    As a content creator I don't make the PDFs but the majority of the instruction is in the video so a PDFs version would just contain the list above


    2 years ago

    I've following the directions by the letter, but somehow my symbols are not showing up in the window to fill in. Can you help please.

    1 reply

    I'm not sure. Without seeing the patterns folder and showing that you added a new source i can't determine what went wrong. But this article covers patterns in. Much greater detail. It should help you identify a solution

    Can you print out one for me pic i have this cstom pic that i want to make pls?

    Far too complicated for a senior to understand.

    The person is talking way too fast to be understood. You need to listen yourself. I wasn't even sure the person was speaking English at first. They are impossible to understand. Sorry!

    1 reply

    I updated the video to a newer version which is not sped up, give it a try

    way is they talking real fast cannot understand it