Creating Simple Vintage/grunge Logo Using "text Destroyer"

Introduction: Creating Simple Vintage/grunge Logo Using "text Destroyer"

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Today we gonna make a simple vintage/grunge logo using "text destroyer"

What we need:

- Adobe Photoshop

- Text Destroyer

- Custom shapes

- Two free fonts: Franchise and Old

Just download all the sources and let's start! :)

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Step 1: Psd. Template

First of all, you need to open a psd template (from text destroyer folder).

Step 2: Install Swatches in Photoshop.

Now, we need to install swatches (aco. file) in photoshop. You can see how to do it on screenshots.

Step 3: Open Shapes.

So, now we must install shapes for photoshop.

Step 4: Placeholder

Open placeholder.

Step 5: Place First Triangle

Remove text from placeholder. Place triangle (shapes-polygon tool) pressing shift.

Step 6: Flip

Go to edit-transform-flip vertical

Step 7: Resizing and Coloring.

Resize triangle to 2160x1280 px. Choose line color from swatches and set thickness 5 pt.

Step 8: Making 2nd Triangle

In the same way make 2nd triangle, but with other size: 2400x1680 px.

Step 9: 1st Text Layer

Type some text with old. font. (40 pt)

Step 10: Bending

Make text layer rounded.

Select arc-style and set it to 25%

Step 11: 2nd Text Layer

Type some text with Franchise font. (72 pt)

Step 12: Line

Make a little line with rectangle tool (shapes-rectangle) and set thickness 5 pt. Choose color from swatches.

Step 13: Custom Shapes

Select arrow from custom shapes. (Shapes-custom shape tool) and place it. Resize to 460x460 px

Step 14: Rotation

Rotate arrow to -45 degrees. (crtl+t)

Step 15: Duplicate Layer

Duplicate layer (right click-duplicate) and go to edit-transform-flip horizontal

Step 16: Alignment

Align all the layers, and then save.

Step 17: Overlay Textures

Now, let's add some noize by clicking on eye icons near layers.

Step 18: Grunge Effect.

Double click on "displace" near placeholder layer. Set horizontal and vertical scales to 5 and click ok.

Step 19: Selecting Displacement Map.

Now select map 10 from "text destroyer" and enjoy the effect! :)

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