Creating & Using 3-D Models & Augmenting Them in Real Life to Teach in the Most Interactive Way...!!!

Introduction: Creating & Using 3-D Models & Augmenting Them in Real Life to Teach in the Most Interactive Way...!!!

This is the best way i have ever used to to make the learning process completely interactive and fun. With the help of all the tools we were able to augment the animated 3-d models and bring them to the real life. All these 3-d models became a part of real life and hence one can zoom in-zoom out and can rotate every 3-d model.
For instance if you have to teach the student how heart works, you will be holding an animated 3-d model of heart and with the help of your pointing finger you can illustrate which is the left ventricular and how it works. One can zoom in -Zoom out also the model of heart to have a better understanding. To understand in depth one has to go through the videos.


By learning & augmenting with the Augmented reality students and teachers will understand how to augment the 3-d digital world with the real world and will be able to understand and explain every concept closer to real world which will be far better with bookish monotonous learning.  
This project is for teachers as well as for students. Both can learn and can use these concept in the learning process. 

Skills involved- Understanding the concept, identifying the particular model, using the software, relating the concept with real life 
will enhance creative skills.

Step 1: Materials Required

To make execution simpler we are providing all the files in their particular format. one has to just follow the instructions with these files only and you will be able to make your own sample. (one can use their own after going through the tutorial)

1. ordinary webcam
2. Printed marker (Click here to download the printed marker to take a print out)

3. one Marker file in the format of Patt- here is one to make things simpler--

Click here to download the marker file in patt format

4. Augmented reality software , we are using Build AR(hitlabnz) 

Click here to download the augmented reality software

5. 3- D models to be displayed 

Click here to download model 1               (CAR)
Click here to download model 2               (Sterling Engine)

Step 2:

After downloading the software please install it.

Now please run the software---

1. The first thing one has to  take care of is to attach the webcam
2. The software will automatically detect the webcam and will start displaying the real time video in the software screen.
3. under the scene tree (left ) there will be a subheading as marker---- then hiro---- then a red box named as data/models/box.ive
    You have to delete the hyro by just clicking it and hitting the delete key. the red box (the sub heading will be automatically deleted)

4. now you have to add your marker which you have downloaded in patt format from the downloaded location. 
To add the marker please click on the fourth icon from the left as black square with a plus sign.
5. now you will again have the red box with the same name as named as data/models/box.ive will appear 
this is the the default 3-d model of build ar. you have to click it and it will open one browsing window.
you have to browse for the 3- d model you have just downloaded in the previous step (a car or a sterling engine) once the the model is attached to that position you are good to go.
Now the computer screen will display your real time video augmented with the 3-d model you have just attached.

how it works--( The software is taking the input of your video and is also reading the printed marker . (the printed marker and the patt files are actually same but in different format )Now where ever it will detect the same printed marker as that of patt file it will augment the 3-d model in place of that printed marker in the displayed video in real time.

To make it more fun--you can rotate(almost in all angels)  the sterling engine holding in your hand. give them all the 3 dimensional view of working to have a better understanding of how it works.
We have added models of earth, models of car, solar system, heart, digestive system to make the learning process completely interactive and fun.
The best out put is observed when all the models are displayed at a multi -media projector or a similar big screen. Otherwise works well on laptop and desktop screens

7. Precautions-
the only measure that has to be taken is that the printed marker should not be shiny.

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    Question 2 years ago

    Could I use this in a video and let the audience see?

    AMAZING by the way.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    you could i think. make a 3d model of a surface with an video on it and position it flush with the ar marker.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I going to try this! Hope everything go smooth!
    If I done, I will comment again. Thank you very much for sharing this instructable with us!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    What an awesome way to teach in almost real way.........
    thumps up for your effort...


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanx for the very first comment....

    I was really skeptical about the liking of this project and has doubted it... but thanx for assuring me that it is been liked....