Creation Mobile Pocket (Magnetic)




Introduction: Creation Mobile Pocket (Magnetic)

About: § I’m Egyptian Inventor but I born, live and working on U.A.E, and I have more than 8 Nos. innovations with patent in a lot of fields for New Innovations for ( Welfare Electronic), ( Engineering), and (Sus...

Creation in form from sketched concepts to textiles and accessories.

Creation Mobile Pocket for the new Jaguar XE.

Material :

•Design Draw in Plastic Sheet

•Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Plastic Sheet

•Magnetic Sheet

The Awarded Certificate from Jaguar Design & Development Department as one of the Middle East winners in Jaguar Design XE Competition for MENA artistes Jaguar about my creative design

Download attached PDF file and print it in A3 Size Plastic Sheet is a (Design Draw) after that Follow up the instruction in video :)



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