Creative Birthday Card





Introduction: Creative Birthday Card

1. What did you make?
I made a birthday card
Material used: Decorated paper, scissors, wired ribbon, 3D stickers, glittery stickers letter, hole puncher, thin ribbon, glue gun, four binder clips,

2. How did you make it?
I got the idea for this project because my sister birthday is coming up and I wanted to make something nice for her. I worked with my mom while using the glue gun. No my idea and plans did no change as I worked on my project in the slide show.
I show you how to make this birthday card step-by-step in the slideshow.

3. Where did you make it?
I worked in my project at home. The project connects to other activities in your life because I love to be creative by making cards for every occasion like Christmas and Valentine’s days.

4. What did you learn?
The biggest challenge during the build we figuring out what to do. I am proudest of finishing my project it I had to do it again what I will do differently I will make my hand writing more beautiful.



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    5 Discussions

    its so easy thanks

    im so happy i made it

    Please make the video proper. Whenever I click on the video it says 'sign in to watch'. Please fix it. ( I am not trying to offend you by saying these words) Thank you.

    Please make your video available for us to see! Thank you.

    When I click on the video it says this video is private