Creative Birthday Card

About: I love to do anything creative. Whether writing or painting, I am very happy in a web of creativity.

At my office we have a birthday every month, at minimum. After a year of getting someone a birthday card and having everyone sign it, we started coming up with different ideas. We decorated desks with giant images; we signed balloons and made a sort of bouquet  we had little animal toy figurines hold little notes of Happy Birthday.

But, I think one of my most favorite, because of how simply brilliant it is, was when we made a birthday hat and had everyone sign it. It was even more fun because the birthday boy wore it, and we took a picture for social media purposes (which is why I won't share it here...) Instead of just something signed, it could actually be a fun way to wear your birthday!

I attached what the simple template looks like and how it looked when we were all done with it.

About Author: 
Miscelleana Rhinehart writes for NYC used cars while she gets to enjoy her fellow associates with fun and random birthday crafts.



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