Creative Photo Manipulation 01

Introduction: Creative Photo Manipulation 01

About: Hello! My name is Ivan, I'm graphic designer and my mission here is to present my project Creative Supplies Co. This project aims to develop textures, palettes, actions and templates which can help designers...

Today i'm going to show you how to make gothic and old-looking image in few simple steps using creativemarket goods.

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Step 1: Required Resources:


Renaissance Woman Stands on Hill "A redheaded girl in Renaissance attire stands on a rocky hill." - Great and atmospheric photo by Will Milne

Paper textures "Handy collection of hi-res crumbled and folded paper scans." - Nice collection of very useful textures by Vítek Prchal

ROUGH EDGES "Set of rough-edges to use in your designs." - Very creative and useful set which can be used in great number of your design projects by Jimmy Breen

Vintage Effects Set 2 "Pack of instant original effects for your photos" - Set of creative instant filters for photoshop which will help you to add authentic look to your photos in few clicks by CharlesPerrault

Don't forget to visit these awesome stores ;)


Adobe photoshop CS 3+

Step 2: Open Psd. File

Open psd. file from "Vintage Effects Second Set"

Step 3: Vintage Chalk Effect

Place a photo (File-Place) inside the first folder (Chalk) and make all effects in this layer visible. Resize it to borders (Edit-transform) and don't forget to keep the proportion of one to one (Displayed as a percentage in the top panel).

Step 4: Gradient Overlay Effect

Go to layer "Extra Gradient Overlays" and make "Extra Gradient Map 07" visible

Step 5: Paper Texture Overlaying

Now place "12" jpg. file from paper textures above other layers, rotate it to 90, resize to borders and change blending mode to "multiply"

Step 6: Rough Edges

Place "inst_vint_rough_edges_01" file under our photography layer. Resize it and rotate to 90.

And final steps: right click on our photography layer and click on "Create Clipping Mask".

So, our image is ready! :)

This is how our image will look like after all manipulation listed above.

About me:

I’m graphic designer from Saint-P, Russia. I have created several digital design stores providing photoshop tools and goodies for your projects. My main purpose is to make simplest way of creating digital artworks. With my tools you can add expressive enhancements and thoughtful touches to your design projects and save your time.

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