Creative Ways to Extinguish a Fire




In This Instructable, I will show you several creative ways to

extinguish a fire. For this Instructable, you will need a fire and

simple items :-)

Step 1: Airsoft Flame Shooter

For this creative way to put out a small flame you will need:
1. Airsoft gun with some airsoft bbs
2. Small flame or a candle
3. Large Area

Now follow the Steps:
1. First light the small flame or candle and put it in a safe area
2. Next set up your Airsoft sniper about 20 feet away from the flame
3. Then shoot the airsoft gun until the flame is set out by the fast flying bb.
4. Test your skills and move further back from the candle if you wish to.

Step 2: Fun With Fire Bubbles!

You will Need;
1. Water
2. Soap
3. Small flame

Follow the Steps:
1. First take your soap and water and mix them well.
2. Next light the small flame or candle.
3. Take the buildup of bubbles and now try to throw the bubbles on the flame to get them out. ( You can try different things with the pile of bubbles)

Step 3: Sand Grenade!

You will Need:
1. Small or large fire
2. Sand
3. Paper towel
4. Good Aim

Follow the Steps:
1. Take the snad and pour it on the paper towel.
2. Now tie the towel so that the sand is tight in it.
3. Next redo steps 1-2 and make 5 sand grenades
4. Now have fun and throw your sand grenades from a distance to put out the fire:)



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