Creative Ways to Use Signs

My secrets for a modern Minecraft home in just a few simple steps!

Step 1: Bordered Beds

Here is how to give your regular bed an unexpected but classy twist! All you need is six signs and a bed!

Step 2: Bordered Beds #2

Sneak and place a sign any side of the bed!

Step 3: Bordered Beds #3

One side of the bed is done! You can even add text to warn others to leave you alone!

Step 4: Bordered Beds #4

And voilà! Repeat this process, placing all of the signs around the bed, and your bedroom is sleek and unique, in just a few taps with your fingers!

Step 5: Seats With Armrests

Fed up of sitting on ordinary stairs? Want to rest your weary arms after a long day mining? Then this is the tip for you! All you need is some stairs and two signs.

Step 6: Seats With Armrests #2

Place down your stairs, remembering to leave at least a block space for the signs at either end. Put the signs down, one at each end of the stair-bench and now you can make a cosy living room where you can rest after a long, stressful day!



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    2 years ago

    Very cool! I love Minecraft!