Build Your Own Fire Extinguisher From Things Around Your House




Introduction: Build Your Own Fire Extinguisher From Things Around Your House

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how to build your own fire extinguisher (Disclaimer:I have no responsibility over doing this in wrong ways or hurting yourself)

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Step 1: Simple Fire Extinguisher

This is a neat way to put out a fire with this simple peanut butter jar extinguisher made with every day things.
1.plastic bottle preferably a peanut butter jar with lid
3.baking soda
4.scissors,exacto knife etc.
5.small cup that can fit inside the plastic bottle (like the one to hold spices)
6. dish soap ( for foaminess)
7. water
8. plasticine
1.take your jar and cut a hole in the top of the lid
2.put vinegar in the jar but make sure it dosent touch the top of the spice jar
3.take the spice jar fill it halfway with water and put in baking soda in till no more dissovles then add about a tsp to a tbsp of dish soap
4.put plastecine around the threads of the jar to seal it

5. close it up and your done

How to use:
when you have aim of your fire tip the bottle so the vinegar mixes with baking soda and it will extinguish

how it works: it works just like a regular fir exstigusher because when vinegar and baking soda mix it makes carbon dioxide this traps air from the fire and stopping it

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