Creative Ways to Extinguish a Fire




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"We'd make great arsonists" my friend remarked as we were setting newspaper on fire for this instructable.

These ways of putting out fires are mostly meant for smaller fires. If you do these with a house fire then....Well you're an idiot.

For all of these you will need:
  • a bucket of water
  • a kitty litter scoop
  • a brick
  • a golf club
  • an oar
  • a walker
  • a sweatshirt
  • tinfoil

I must tell you someting. If you are stupid enough to actually try this (besides us, it was all in the name of science) and you get hurt, it is not my fault! You were the one that tried it, and I cannot control what you do with this information. Anyway, there are some much more dangerous instructables out there. So don't try try this if when you get burnt you'll blame it on me. Got it? So don't be an idiot.

*Note: My friend ShielaAngel lit all of these fires because I suck at using a lighter.

Step 1: The Scoop

Time for the kitteh litter scoop! You'll also need the bucket of water.

Ok so you have the fire, right? Now scoop it up with the kitty litter scoop and drop it in the bucket of water.

Step 2: The Brick Approach

Ok light another fire and get your brick.

Now drop the brick on the fire. Done.

There isn't a video for this one or the golf club one, I tried and tried to upload them to youtube but each time they failed miserably :(

Step 3: The Oar

No grab your oar.

Beat the fire with it!!

Sorry we dont have a video for this one :(

Step 4: Fore!!!!

Hehe, get your ole nine iron out :D

Now, stand in a golf stance and swing the golf club. Do not take out part of the driveway.

No video :(

Step 5: Walker

Time to bring out the walker and the tinfoil!

Put the tinfoil on one of the wheels and kind of roll over the fire with it.



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hehe, I love how the lighter managed to get in almost every picture :P It would've been funny if it was your snowman lighter! This intructable is awesome :] So much fun, too!

    19 replies

    Haha yeah! I once saw on the news or something that the Steve guy that used to be on there is ina band! I just can't believe it... He so does not seem like band material.


    alright i found out that steves last name is burn, steve burns is in the band flaming lips and indie rock band he is the lead guitarist and vocalist thats hilarious


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Haha yeah. And then if the snowman lighter was playing music in the videos! :D We should totally add more steps to this