Creature Curtains




--Measured windows, purchased different colored cotton fabric, washed and ironed fabric, sewed a hem on the bottom, and a casing on the top of the fabric.
--Searched Google Images for Silouettes of different Halloween creatures, printed them 4x6 size on paper.
--Used an opaque machine to enlarge images, and reflect them onto fabric.
--Used a black sharpie to trace the images onto the fabric.
--Hung fabric on a board, and had the entire family paint the images with black matte wall paint.
--Purchased expandable, spring loaded curtain rods, slid creature curtains onto them, and then hung in windows.
--Turned on inside lights so that images could be seen from outside.

--Took the same steps to make ghosts, haunted house, and witch; however painted them on plywood boards.



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    Looks great! I love that you did the windows different colors! I just love colors :)