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This eyecatching scarf is surprisingly easy to make and has loads of scope for personalising it with your own design. It requires a basic knowledge of sewing and a sewing machine. (I've used an overlocker but thats just because i've got one, a sewing machine will still give you great results)

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Step 1: You Will Need:

a) Lining fabric (i've used fleece)
b) Fur fabric
c) Felt scraps to make the face

d) Sewing scissors with sharp points
e) Marker Pen
f) Tape Measure or ruler
g) Chisel or craft knife (for making the button hole, you dont need these if you're not using a button closure)
h) Pins
i) Button (you could use velcro or a snap fastener if you're not confident at button holes)
j) Thread to match fabric

Large piece of paper or card  cut into a 90x20cm rectangle

Step 2: Cutting Out Your Main Pieces

Steps 1-5 show you how to make this scarf from a half metre of fabric. If you're lucky enough to have a whole metre of lush fur fabric just use the paper template to cut the 90x20cm rectangle and skip to step 6.

1) Take the 90x20cm template you've cut from paper and place it on your fur fabric. I've drawn on an arrow to show what way you want the fur to be facing.

2) Draw 2 side by side and cut out

Tip: Use your pointy scissors to cut through just the fabric backing, rather than the fur itself. This avoids short patches in the fur :)

3) Tip - for a neater finish trim the fur down in a 5mm margin all the way round the edge of the fur pieces, this avoids excess fibers bulking up the seams.

4) Lay the pieces out with the grain of the fur going the same way on each piece. Pin them in place and then sew them together, making one long piece.

5) Put your template back on top and use it to trim the fur to the right size

6) Use the template to mark out your lining, then cut this out too.

7) Heres your main scarf pieces. Left to right: template, lining, fur.

Step 3: Sew on the Face!

This is the fun part! The scarf pattern is really universal so you can make it whatever you want. Add long ears and make a bunny, a horn and its a unicorn, give it red cheeks and you have a pikachu :)

8) Cut out the eyes. I drew around thread spools to make the eyes.

9) Cut out the mouth. I did this freehand, i cut out the black shape of the mouth first and then the teeth and tongue to fit.

10) Lay the face pieces out and adjust till you're happy with them.

11) Tip: For the mouth i used layers of felt (dark pink mouth, white teeth later and the red tongue) i sewed the teeth and tongue to the pink mouth part to make one complete piece that the goes on the scarf. This is much easier than wrestling with little pieces of felt that can be dificult to pin through the fluffy fur.

12) Pin the features on and sew into place. I used zig zag stitch all around

13) TIp: If the fur is long and getting in the way of the face, trim it away with some pointy scissors. Snip a little at a time and keep the point of the scissors nearly vertical. This avoids cutting blunt patches

Step 4: Assemble the Main Scarf Pieces

14) Pin the lining on top of the fur, good sides together. Pin each of the four corners then pin all the way round at regular intervals.

Tip: If you place the pins at 90 degrees to the raw edge your sewing machine will sew easily over them without damaging the needle :)

15) Sew along all edges, leaving one end open. Turn the scarf inside out by reaching into this gap you've left, grabbing the opposite end of the scarf, and pulling it out of the gap. Sew the open end shut with a neat ladder stitch

Step 5: Attatch Your Button

16) Mark your button hole. The button hole goes on the tail end of the scarf around 12cm up from the middle. If you're unsure put the scarf around your neck and find where it naturally crosses over itself at the front.

17) Sew and cut your button hole. I like to use a sharp chisel and cut it out little by little, checking it against the button each time to ensure snug fit.

18) Sew on your button. The button goes on the lining side of the face end. Pull the fur apart exposing the backing where your sttches come through. Hold the fur flat with your fingers and sew right through, this way when you brush it back over the fur will cover the stitches.

Ta daaaa! you're all done! Now put it on and run round like a scary monster! or if you made a bunny one, eat some lettuce i guess :)

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EDIT: The creatures scarves in my etsy shop are sold out, to be the first to know when new things go on sale add me on twitter @alittlestranger or go to to join my mailing list



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    4 years ago

    These r sooo super cute
    Plz make more I'll follow u definitely and btw ur sooo pretty a great model.

    Love all your monster stuff, I love monsters too! I made both my girls Monster Halloween costumes last year, which included furry monster hats. They have now grown out of them.

    I'm planning on making them each one monster scarf as well as your monster hood/hat for winter. We live in the snowy mountains and my older daughter is going to school now I I think the monster hat & scarf would be way cooler than a plain hat & scarf.

    I'm sure I could scale this down to fit my daughter since it's just a long rectangle, but I'm wondering how I could size down your hood/hat.


    Thanks for this awesome instructable. I made this scarf for my sister for Xmas. Used the leftovers to make some little creatures for other peoples presents. I also sewed a pocket on the back of the monster face for my sister's ipod or headphones too. Heres how it turned out:


    8 years ago on Step 5

    Awesmoe tute... thanks a heap.. Ive just finished one for my son ... a green he loves it. im thinking i have left over fur and so i might try to make him some mitts/gloves to match... anyway thanks a heap for this was fun to make.


    9 years ago on Introduction

     I know a half a dozen to make these for .... aduits to children..... evil wheels turning in my head

    This is brilliance! I'm going to take this idea and do it with a different material! Thanks for posting. :]


    9 years ago on Step 5

     Gonna try to make this for my girlfriend this weekend. Much thanks. :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    nie instructable and very orginal...ill do my my best to make something simillar..oh and btw you are really cute:)


    9 years ago on Introduction

     Absolutely ♥ them!!  I'm going to make one (or two) of my own for sure.

    The ear-warmers in pic2 are adorable - did you make them?  If so, might that be a possible ible?!  Pretty pleeeease~


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Oh. . . I thought a cute girl was being attacked by a monster. . . **puts sword away, gets out glue gun**  Very nice!  Your ible is very well done.


     I made one for a friend for Christmas.  Thanks for the inspiration and the well laid-out instructable.