Credit Card Phone Stand


Introduction: Credit Card Phone Stand

Hi, I had this idea to make a wee collapsable stand that I could keep in my wallet for watching videos on my phone. I originally planned to use plywood but I didn't have any to hand and then realised that old plastic cards are maybe a better material as everyone has them lying around serving no purpose. So here's a way to make your unloved cards useful again.

In the video I use a drill and ruler etc. but all you really need is a pair of scissors and a card, even a business card will do but plastic ones will last longer.

Hope you enjoy the video and if you do, please consider voting for me in the 'hack your day' competition :)



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    Cool project! Those cards are stronger than I thought! Any chance you would be willing to post written steps and photos to go along with your video?

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    I would just like to get the dimensions of the cuts (I plan on just using scissors). Of course, the card is cut in half.

    Thankyou, yes I'll try to add steps and photos in the next few days :)

    Just made one it a couple of minutes. Well how slick is well. So easy to do I did it by eye and all free hand with just sharp scissors. Thanks for the instruct, well done.

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    Ah that's great, thankyou. Post a photo of yours if you like, would be nice to see :)