Creeeeeepy Clown Face Tutorial. =D

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Intro: Creeeeeepy Clown Face Tutorial. =D

Step 1: First Paint Your Face White

Step 2: Add Detail With Eyeliner

Draw in new eye brows, wrinkles, and an angry expression if you so choose.

Step 3: Now for the Eyes

Fill in the base of your eye with black all the way to your eyebrow, then do green above your eyebrow to your drawn on eyebrow.

Step 4: Detail a Little

fill in your new eyebrows and hide your old ones. Then give your nose some shading.

Step 5: Admire Your Beauty.


Step 6: Mouth

Time to draw in the outline for your mouth. Make it BIG!

Step 7: TEETH

You can make your teeth however you want, I did flat top teeth and sharp bottom teeth.

Step 8: More Detail

Fill in your mouth with black and put some pink blush on your cheeks.

Step 9: The Neck

Do the outline.

Step 10: Filling in the Neck

Make a checkered pattern and fill it in with black and white.

Step 11: Shade

Shade in under the neck design, try to make it look like it's not paint.

Step 12: ALL DONE

So odd.



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