Creeper Wool Face (MCPE)

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Hello so today I am going to show you how to make a creeper wool face!!! So lets begin.

For materials I just used lime wool and black wool.

BTW I am using minecraft pocket edition.

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Step 1: Make 2 Rows

So simply just make 2 rows and each row will have 8 lime wool put together, so when you are done making the rows you should have 16 lime wool in total so far.

Step 2: Creeper Eyes

So get your black wool and then after that just put two black wool on and then put another two black wool on underneath them, repeat with the other eye and there you go, you have creeper eyes and then put lime wool inbetween and around the creeper eyes. You can also just follow the picture.

Step 3: Creeper Mouth

So just put 2 black wool underneath the 2 lime wool that is inbetween the creeper eyes, then put 4 black wool underneath the 2 black wool and then another 4 black wool underneath them. After that put 1 black wool on one side of the mouth and another black wool on the other side of the mouth. Follow the picture!!!

Step 4: Fill in the Extra Space.

So just put lime wool around the creeper mouth and follow the pictures if stuck.

Step 5: Finished

So now your creeper wool face is completed!!!

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