Creepy 3d Printed LED Eyes (wear-able)

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My son wanted to be a spider for Halloween. I wanted to add some unique touches to his costume so I 3d printed some LED lit eyes. I modeled them in Fusion 360 and printed them using my dual extruder MakerGear M2, a dual extruder 3d printer is not required though.

The eye can be lit with a 3mm LED and a watch battery, no other electronics needed.

I liked them so much I made a creepier version for myself. The base can be sewn to fabric using the recesses in the base. The base was dual extruded with black ABS and HIPS as a support material which was later dissolved away. I uploaded the models to Thingiverse and created some YouTube videos below. Shiny version shown was finished with Smooth-On XTC-3d.

Enjoy. Creepy Eyes Printing (Part 1):

Assembly of Creepy Eyes (Part 2):

Painting of Creepier Version and using XTC-3d (Part 3):

Thingiverse Model:

Step 1: Materials:

Step 2: 3d Modeling in Fusion 360

I've uploaded a short video to show you the basic process I used to model the Creepy Eyes.

I used Spheres and the Combine features to create the majority of the eye. Fusion 360 is great free CAD software and is quiet powerful. Be sure to check it out.

Step 3: 3d Printing

Step 4: Assembly and Fitting

Step 5: Paint and Finishing



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