Creepy Bleeding Skull Pumpkin



This was a very popular action pumpkin with our trick-or-treaters this year. When they came close to see more of what was inside pumpkin we would squeeze the heart shaped pump which would cause "Fun Blood" to ooze over skull.

Step 1: Items Used

Dripping Bleeding Mask by Fun World from Walmart (Disclaimer - I am not associated with Walmart or Fun World)
Dremel Rotary Tool
Basic Pumkin Carving Kit
Two white LED light
Rubber Snake
Halloween Party Favors (has snakes, spiders, etc)

Step 2: Step 1

Carve Pumpkin using knives, Dremel Rotary tool, and pumpkin carving tools for designs and leave opening in front. Place hole in back to allow heart shaped pump and on off switch for LEDs to go out back for easy access. Place LED lights near front of pumpkin where will illuminate skull mask. Place "Dripping Bleeding Mask" in pumpkin. Decorate with rubber snake and Halloween Party Favors. Turn on LED's. Squeeze heart pump when guests come close.



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