Creepy Chocolate Mousse Dessert





Introduction: Creepy Chocolate Mousse Dessert

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These zombie's foot and witches zombie hand (yes that's how the kids called them haha) cakes are super easy to make and guaranteed not to fail. They taste delicious with chocolate mousse filling and they make awesome center piece for your party table.

Step 1: Chocolate Base

To make these cakes, you will need foot and hand mold. They are actually for gelatin, but hey, they work for this kind of cake/dessert too, so win-win ;-) You can purchase them at Walmart, Dollar Store or even online. With the same method, if you can find other shapes of mold, such as brain or head, you can make using those too. Isnt't that awesome? Your dessert will be looking like a pro with so much less headache in making them ;-)

For the foot:

1 c white chocolate chips

3 milk chocolate chips

Melt white chocolate chips in 30 seconds interval on microwave, take out, stir, repeat until all melted

Add in milk chocolate chips and stir to melt

Pour/spoon/pipe this chocolate into the mold, spreading evenly, and let it harden in the fridge for at least 15 minutes (until harden enough)

Step 2: Chocolate Mousse

This recipe is enough to fill up a foot and a hand mold

1/3 c milk chocolate chips melt along with 2 tbsp milk, in microwave. Let cool to room temperature

1 tub of cream cheese spread (250 g), divide into four portion as shown on picture, and use only 1 portion

1/3 c icing sugar

1/4 c dream whip powder

1/4 c milk

Beat cream cheese with icing sugar then beat in dream whip plus milk followed with melted chocolate, until creamy and fluffy

Step 3: Cookies Filling

For this dessert, you can use any cream sandwiched cookies such as Oreo or Fudgee, as many as needed

Step 4: Molding Dessert

Fill up a ziplock bag with chocolate mousse and snip the corner. Pipe mousse into hardened chocolate base then top with cookies.

Cover the cookies with more mousse and top mousse with more cookies, and cover again with mousse, spread nicely.

Melt another 1 c of white chocolate chips then pour into a separate ziplock bag and snip the corner. Pipe melted chocolate covering mousse and mold.

Let harden in the fridge for at least 45 minutes and unmold.

Step 5: Enjoy~

Decorate as you wish!

I have oreo crumbs as dirt and place the foot on them. Then I painted the toes with black food coloring. I also kind of cracked the foot and poured edible blood on the crack, so it would look creepier.

To make edible blood, you only need to mix corn syrup, chocolate sauce/syrup and red food coloring.

For the witches hand, I painted edible blood on its nails and attach sunflower seeds for the nails.

Have fun and Happy Halloween :)



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    Very creepy desserts that also sound delicious!