Creepy Clown Face Paint

Introduction: Creepy Clown Face Paint

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The creepy clown is one of the most iconic circus villains ever. Now, I am going to show you how to paint it using inspiration from face painter Nick Wolfe!

Step 1: Start With White

First, I started with Mehron Paradise White, and covered my face with it, except for the mouth, nose, and eye sockets, which will be filled later with color.

Step 2: Add Light Blue Eye Sockets

Now, for the eye sockets, I used a light blue (Mehron Paradise) to color them in.

Step 3: Add Red Nose and Mouth

Then, I filled in the rest of the face, namely the nose and mouth with Beach Berry Red (Mehron Paradise).

Step 4: Add Features

For the features, I used Yellow on the bottom lip for scary teeth. Then, I used a mix of a light blue eyeshadow (from the Art in the Streets palette from Wet N Wild) and Lagoon Blue (Mehron Paradise) around the eye sockets for highlighting and detailing.

Step 5: Add Outlines

Then, I used black to outline the eye sockets, nose, and mouth, as well as use for my eyeliner, and other outlines.

Step 6: Finish Off

Finally, I finished off with white for the highlights on the teeth and nose.

Step 7: Top Off With a Wig

If you want, you can also add a funky wig to this creepy look, like I did here using a burgundy Disco Babe wig, which can also be used as a creepy clown wig!

Step 8: Done!

Now, go on your evil circus expedition with this awesome creepy clown! This design was rated 4 stars, meaning that it's one of the more intermediate designs to paint. However, you can simplify this look into any creepy clown that you wish! You can also use different colors to compliment your costume or outfit. Either way, it's a evil way to get your funny on!

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