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Only In Ur Mind:

Welcome to Only In Ur Mind. This week's make-up is of a colorful and scary clown. I really enjoyed this week's make-up because it was very colorful but yet was freaky. I would love to do more freaky clowns in the future, so subscribe to see if I have created another creepy clown. I hope you enjoy!

Make-up used

Pariadise face paint in red Fab face paint LaLa Purple, Sparkle magenta shimmer Wolfe face and body paint in white and black Diamond FX in neon violet and neon magenta Eye-shadow in black and purple Face-painting sponge

Music: YouTube

Step 1: Prep and Base

-Mat down your eyebrows with Elmer's stick glue and power area.

-I used Wolfe face and body paint in white for the clowns base.

Step 2: Eyebrows

I used Diamond Fx Neon Magenta to paint on eyebrows and the smile.

Step 3: Fill In

I used Wolfe face and body paint in white to fill in forehead and around the eyebrows with a sponge and brush.

Step 4: Nose

I used paradise red for the nose. I painted an oval shape on the bridge of my nose.

Step 5: Teeth

I used a thin brush with Wolfe white for the teeth. I push down gently above top lip and on bottom lip for the teeth.

Step 6: Mouth

I used Diamond Neon Magenta again for the month. I created two swirls on the top and bottom of both cheeks coming from the top and bottom of the teeth.

Step 7: Fill In

Now its time to fill in with Wolfe white around the nose, mouth, and eyelids.

Step 8: More Filling In

I used Paradise red and painted above the top and bottom teeth to create gums for the teeth.

I used Wolfe black to fill in between the teeth and corners of teeth.

Step 9: Outlining

I used Diamond FX Neon Violet to line outside of the eyebrows and the mouth.

Step 10: Chin

I added a swirl on the chin coming from the bottom part of the mouth using Diamond FX Neon Magenta.

Step 11: Shading

I used black eye shadow to create creases for the cheek bone, above the nose, and the side of the eyes.

Step 12: Hair and More Filling In

I put my hair in pigtails.

I painted ears, neck, and part of shoulders with Wolfe white.

Step 13: Costume

I used FAB purples, Lalaland Purple and Sparkle magenta shimmer to create part of the clowns costume.

And for the bottom part of costume I used Wolfe black.

Step 14: Costume

I used Wolfe white for the lines on the black of costume.

Step 15: Completed

All done, hope you enjoyed the creepy clown.



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    Thank you, so much. I really appreciate it and I am happy you enjoyed it.