Creepy Eyed Halloween Wreath




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I will show you how you can make a unique Halloween Wreath to impress your guests at your parties! I came up with this idea in my mind and did it myself to see how it would turn out and luckily, it came out better than I thought.

A few things to keep in mind though: If you plan to use a Wreath form out of Styrofoam, you must be careful working with it when adding the tulle because if you pull too hard, it will break :( Hence why I got another one. Wooden or any other type of wreath form should be fine. Just make sure the base is flat so it's easier to glue on the eyes. The eye part will be very time consuming but with enough patience, it will pay off! :)

Things I used on this project:
-I used about 4 packs of assorted wiggly eyes and I got them from Michaels craft store


-2 rolls of tulle

-super glue or hot glue

I have a video tutorial on how to do it here

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    3 years ago

    This looks pretty cool. Perfect for halloween decor! :)