Creepy Night Light

Introduction: Creepy Night Light

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Since this is the busy season (Halloween) for me, I haven't had much time to do my usual Easy DIY prop or effect. So, here is a very simple and cool effect!

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Step 1: Provisions...

I still can never stress how much I LOVE Goodwill for the cheapest options for random stuff that can be used for numerous projects! I have a Goodwill Surplus by me, so I can buy all the stuff by the pound. I have numerous Elmo dolls that dance or talk and I strip them down for parts for robots, or RC toys for the simple remote capabilities for other props. You are only limited by your imagination! So....
One doll that has the blinking eyes when you lay them down.
One LED nightlight. I use LED because it doesn't heat up like an incandescent bulb does. And it's cheaper to run/use!
One pair of long needle nose pliers.

Step 2: Doll Slayer!!

First we need to remove the eyes. Removing the head was as simple as a quick snip of a zip tie and the head just falls away. The inside is hollow, so you can see where the eyes were plied into position.
They are actually pushed in through the front, but different heads require different techniques. One eye I was able to push on the back and it popped out, the other I had to make a small tear in the plastic and push the eye into the head.

Step 3: Prepare the Light

Nightlights are a pretty basic setup. The cover usually just slides off or twists off, so not too much work here...

Step 4: Jammin'

I found that the small dolls fit almost perfectly on the nightlight. I did have to cut some small slits so it could fit easily.

Step 5: Creepy Glow

Like I said before, I love Goodwill! I think I have about 3 bucks into each nightlight. Different heads, different effect.
I was even thinking of just adding a marble into the eye holes to give it a creepier colored glow. Evil red, or milky white, or heavenly blue....a lot of possibilities!
Thank you for checking out my Instructable and feel free to share!

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    3 years ago

    so creepy! I love it!!