Creepy Simple Animatronic Skull Gardener



About: I'm french, I live in a house, I love build with K'nex and Arduino, I have a YouTube chanel, and for Halloween, my garden become an haunted garden...

This is the Animatronic Skull Gardener for the Halloween 2017.
This year for Halloween, I have finally build the first operational prototype of my animatronic ! That's take me many time to build it and make instruction.

So, I will show you how to build this simple and cool animatronic.

PS: Please be indulgent on the spelling of my instructables because english isn't my native language.

What you need ?


-Electric drill

-Reciprocating saw (or a simple wood saw)

-Manual drill


-Hot glue gun


-Soldering iron

-an electric mower (for decoration)


-Duct tape


-Wood screws

-2 long screws (5cm length)

-2 flanged nuts (for the long screws)

-Tin wire

-4 wooden log (100cm length; 4cm diameter)

-A polystyrene plate (2cm thikness)

-Polystyrene skull head (same size of an human head)

-Wood planks (1cm thikness; 10cm width)

-Wood block (22cm length; 10cm width; 8cm thikness)

-PVC pipe (5cm diameter)

-6 iron bracket

-iron wire

-Pair of choose

-Pair of trousers


Electronic Materials:

-Arduino Nano

-Servo motor:

like this:

-Electrical capacitor (100 micro F)

-2 red leds (5 volts or less)

-Electronic relay:

-Electronic resistor (220 ohms)

-PCB card for electronic prototyping

-Electronic cables

-female socket

-male socket

-220 volts elctric wire

-moved sensor:

like this:

Step 1: The Arms

Build the 2 arms

Step 2: The Legs

Build the 2 legs.

Step 3: The Body (part 1)

Start to build the body.

Step 4: The Body (part 2)

Ffinish the build of the body.

Step 5: First Assembly

Assembly the arms on the body.

Step 6: Second Assembly

Assembly the legs on the body.

Step 7: The Legs Padding

Ad the padding of the legs.

Step 8: The Arms Padding

Ad the padding of the arms.

Step 9: The Head

Ad the 2 red leds to the head

Step 10: The Neck

Build the neck.

Step 11: Third Assembly

Assembly the head on the neck.

Step 12: Thourth Assembly

Assembly the head on the body.

Step 13: The Relay Module

Step 14: The Arduino Nano

The arduino software:

#include Servo servo1;

const int movedsensor = A4;

const int relay1 = 6;

const int relay2 = 8;

const int eyes = 4;

void setup() {


pinMode(relay1, OUTPUT);

pinMode(relys2, OUTPUT); pinMode(eyes, OUTPUT);

pinMode(movedsensor, INPUT);



digitalWrite(relay1, HIGH);

digitalWrite(relay2, HIGH);



void loop() {

int a = analogRead(movedsensor);


if(a >= 400){


digitalWrite(relay1, LOW);

digitalWrite(relay2, LOW);

digitalWrite(eyes, HIGH);



digitalWrite(relay1, HIGH);

digitalWrite(relay2, HIGH);

digitalWrite(eyes, LOW);




Step 15: Final Assembly

Step 16: Well Done !

So, it's finnaly done !



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