Creepy Grave Keeper Monster

The way i got the idea for this costume was i combined several pictures of monsters that i liKed and combined different parts and came up with this. Hope you guys enjoy.

I first started off with a bald cap and used spirit gum to glue it down. Then i bought a foam latex prosthetic from Cinema Secrets called Grave Keeper. After the bald cap was in place I then went on to glue in the foam prosthetic with spirit gum as well. As i let the face prosthetic set in i went in placing a  zipper that i bought at Joanns Fabric store that was more or less 20 inches long. I then placed it on the bacK from one shoulder to the other side of the shoulder i used flesh latex from Cinema Secrets to maKe it stay on the sKin. I had my boyfriend lay down on the floor and placed a trash bag under him because the latex is runny. I used a blow dryer to speed up the process for the latex to dry. After the zipper was on and sturdy i started to add latex to his lower abdomen with my hand. (maKe sure they remove any body hair they might have removing latex after is quite painful when pulling off) After all the latex was set in i started with the maKeup. I mainly used Cinema Secrets maKeup stacK: Creature to do the maKeup on the face and the body. After i finished with the maKeup i added my last touches with blood and cotton balls i poKed holes in various places of the body and placed cotton balls in the small pocKet holes i made(when i made the holes i was very careful on not pulling the latex pulling to hard or it will just tear it)  I soaKed the cotton balls in blood and placed them in the pocKets that i made. Around the zipper i just stretched out the cotton balls that i've been using and used gel blood instead to maKe the cotton sticK in the area were the zipper is left open. I used grey Crepe hair and added it sporadically around the head and some what on the necK.  I used plastic blacK nails that i bought from a discount store and used scissor's to cut them up i used double sided  tape so they sticK on better to his real nails. Then i just added a brown hat to finish the looK.

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