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After finishing candy flowers i was wondering what to do with the remaining crepe paper.. so i ended up with this, crape paper beads..
for making them we need
  • crepe paper/ crepe paper roll (or tissue paper will also do)
  • glue
  • water
  • old or cheap- top coat nail polish
  • scissors
  • needle (biggest one)
  • wool/ elastic thread/ any thread

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Step 1:

cut approx. 1.5 inch wide strip of crepe paper.. if you are having crepe paper roll no need to cut it.. use it directly
the length of strip should be roughly 30 cms or 12 inches
these are rough/ approximate measurements.. according to size of strip bead size will vary
now fold that strip (only lengthwise) such that we get a square
put a little glue on it
also put some (very little) water
now crush the paper to make a ball (you may use some water if needed)
then let it dry

make light colored beads 1st, because dark colored paper looses some color while making beads

Step 2:

when paper ball are dried, you can put a nail polish top coat to make then shiny..
you can also make 2 colored beads
 for making 2 colored bead
take a small 2nd colored paper strip
twist it (you may use little water)
take dried bead, apply glue on it
wrap the 2nd colored twisted strip on it (apply glue+water if needed)
let it dry

Step 3:

once all the balls are dried.. put a big needle through them, to make holes
making holes in beads is the most difficult task
extra force may be needed to apply to make holes

Step 4:

when the beads are ready.. you can put a wool/ elastic thread/ any thread through them to make bracelet

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    Reply 3 years ago

    sometimes people use crepe paper ribbons for birthdays or decorating, u can find those used ribbons.