Cress Crash Garden

This garden is made using a few very simple ingredients:

x1 broken air-fix model

x1 large waterproof container

A lot of dirt

A lot of cress seeds

A lot more water

Step 1: Fill the Container With Dirt

fill the container wit a fingers depth of dirt

Step 2: Crash

add your broken 'Air-fix' model in the dirt in a position to look like it has crashed. spreading debris all around

Step 3: Plantation

Plant your cress seeds all around the site including inside and on top of your crash.

Step 4: Overgrown

now for the next month or so water your seeds twice a day. the should start to sprout around a week after their planted

Step 5: Observe

after about a fortnight it should look something like this depending on what model you used. [i personally used the Sr-71 blackbird]



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2 years ago

The blackbird is my favorite jet too. :) Cute garden project.

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