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The crested gecko is native to australia and new caledonia (a small island just off of australia. Crested geckos are arborial, which means that they love to climb high up. Crested geckos make great pets because they are one of the few gecko's that are omnivores. (eat plants and meat) Crested geckos are generally small lizards, they reach a maximum size of 10"

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Step 1: Housing

Crested geckos do not require a terrible amount of space. An absolute minimum for a baby is a 5 gallon. But an 8 gallon or larger is recommended. For adults a minimum is 12 gallon, however, a 15 gallon is reccommended. The substrate for babies should not be a sort of soil, instead it should be either paper towel or repti-carpet. For adults you can use coco-husk, or un-fertilized soil. Crested geckos need a place to hide, so you should definitely heavily forest your cage. At least 2 plants. I also find that a vine is also a good idea. Another important thing is that the cage should be taller than it is wide.

Step 2: Tempurature and Humidity

Crested geckos are very easy to care for. They thrive at room temperature, but their humidity must be slightly higher than a room. The humidity should be between 60-90. A spraying bottle or an automatic mister can be used to ensure this humidity. To measure the humidity, you should probably buy a hygrometer.

Step 3: Food and Treats

Crested geckos are mainly herbivores. A very good food is Rapashy crested gecko diet. It is a complete diet for crested geckos. You can feed crested geckos only the rapashy, but crested geckos do love crickets. I feed my gecko 5-10 crickets every friday. Make sure that the crickets are dusted in calcium powder.

Step 4: Shedding

If your crested gecko turns pale or even completely white, it DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE SICK.What it means is that your crested gecko is shedding! you will not need to clean up the old skin because they will eat it :() ewww!.They will most likely be clear of their old skin the next day or two, if the crested gecko is pale for more than a week, i suggest going to see a vet.

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    we are looking at a crested gecco for our next pet. thank you for the info. i loke to get as much of it as possible. this is very easy to understand.


    Actually, crested geckos are only native to New Caledonia, and The Isle of Pines.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Another option is to offer baby food. You can make your own (blend a batch and freeze it in ice cube trays, thawing a cube in the fridge for feeding), you will save considerably! At the very least it can save you in a pinch if you forget to order or shipping is delayed.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I didn't know that you were supposed to measure the humidity, I just mist my gecko (Leo) when I get up in the morning and after I feed him at night. He seems fine though. You might also want to tell people not to panic if their crested geckos tail falls off. It wont grow back, but they'll still be fine. Otherwise, good instructable.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    hi, i live in australia but how would i go about buying a Crested Gecko? thanks


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting read... Do you live in Australia? Way to get some exposure, for an Aussy native species. Kudos to you.