Criatura Da Lage

Introduction: Criatura Da Lage

About: combining carnival esthetics with visual arts; reused materials, and technology, I participate on interactive and collaborative projects focused on human rights, environmental, and child development issues.

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Step 1: Concept

the concept came from the desire to create a creature that could move around taking dreams and diverent forms of interaction from place to place.

Step 2: Movement

deciding its shape and movements through prototyping diferent ideas with laser cut.

Step 3: Movement + Skin + Interaction

putting together the ideas and experiences to decide its final form and personality to build the one to one piece.

Step 4: Skin

testing materials and calculating weight to try out different possibilities of skins.

Step 5: Work in Process

Step 6: Building Forms, Personality and Interaction

using cnc router, processing, arduino, camera and a crane to make it alive.

Step 7: Credits

credits for students and tutors for the passionate work!

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    Woah that looks amazing, I just wish there were more details for the build. This is really awesome though, and I hope we get to see more from you in the future!