Crib Mobile

Introduction: Crib Mobile

Hi please watch my video above on how to make a mobile however the steps will be written also so you can just refer back to the written steps.

Step one gather all of the materials you may need. What I used are all available at walmart for a total price of less than 25 dollars:

Wire Wreath base ($3)

Tulle rolls of whatever color you want (I suggest non glitter type.$1.50 per roll)

Ribbon ($0.50 a roll)

Cardstock Paper ( I bought a $5 pack in scrapbooking section)

Hot Glue


Flowers (Optional)

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Step 1: Measure Out Ribbon to Hang From

The way I personally did it was 3 equal sizes approximately 1.5 feet long. So that they will connect from the wire wreath base to a point to hang from.

Attach and knot at the top.

Step 2: Cut the Tulle to Equal Lengths Approximately a Foot Long.

I cut my tulle about a foot long if you want it longer or shorter go ahead I personally like how my turned out but you can change any of my steps up for a slightly different look.

Wrap tulle around wreath and double knot on the outside. The way you interchange the tulle colors is up to you. My preference based on the thickness and color of the tulle was 5 pieces of lime green to 3 pieces of pink.

Step 3: Make a Template for the Animal or Object You Want to Be Hanging From the Ribbon.

I chose frogs and alligators to hang from my mobile. Silhouettes are the easiest to make a template out of because you already have an idea what it will look like as a one color. If you have a circuit or die cutting machine that would be easiest to use to have these shapes cut out as.

Use your template to trace and cut out approximately 8-12 objects to hang.

Step 4: Attach Cut Outs to Ribbon of Choice With Hot Glue.

I used a bow to cover up any extra hot glue that showed through. You could also use buttons or other types of objects to add weight to the cut outs and to hide the hot glue residue.

Step 5: Once You Have the Cutouts on Ribbon...

Hang the ribbons with only one knot on the wire base, so that you can change position and heights before double knotting and cutting extra ribbon off.

Step 6: This Is a Completely Optional Step.

I added flowers at the top of my mobile. I had my wedding bouquet that I made of silk flowers and I cut the stems off and hot glued the flowers to the top as an extra decorative piece to the mobile.

Once that is done you can hang from a mobile hanger or the ceiling. Have fun projecting!

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