Cribbage Board

Crabbage board plus card holder box i made out of old piece of oak my dad had laying in garage

Step 1: Practice

Practiced on some boards I didn’t care about drilling the cribbage pattern with the drill press as to get the hang of it before I did it on my beautiful oak

Step 2: After Practicing on the One on the Left

I took a oak board and cut in pieces and glued together for box bottom next I used the drill press on the top to drill cribbage board holes where the template told me I taped the template that I had had enlarged until fit my board printed at office max on regular paper looking back I wish I would have printed in sticky tack paper it would have stayed in place better but I slowly drilled each hole by drill press. Then I drilled a hole 3/8 in diameter all the way down and 5/8 in diameter only about 3/4 of the way down where I wanted to place the hinge pin the I drilled on top board 5/8 hole and put hinge pin in holes and smashed in snug with hammer to create the swivel top

Step 3: Lightly Staying With Red Mahogany

Finishing touches I Lightly stained with red mahogany and it wood glued tile my wife had given me when we first started dating that says “it’s not always about the cards you’re dealt it’s about how you play your hand “as to have it use as a slider or a handle

Step 4:



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    11 months ago

    Nice work. Good drilling skills too.

    Whitney Fabre

    11 months ago

    My boyfriend and I carry a homemade cribbage board everywhere we go (and the winner gets to write the place and date on the board afterwards). Traveling game boards so great, and your added tile is an extra special touch! Now, how did you make your pegs? We are in need of new ones...

    1 reply