Crispy Cheese and Tomato Bake




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This is not what anybody'd call haute cuisine but it's damn tasty and a great way to use up leftovers, probably not healthy but as far as things to make out of food that's just lying around it's pretty good.

Step 1: Ingredients

Well you'll need:

- Some crisps, I used half a big bag of Co-op truly irrestible sea salt and balsamic vinegar
- Some sieved tomatoes, possibly substituted with any sauce you like, BBQ or tomato would work
- Some cheese, not very much
- Any other added condiments you like, I used some hot sauce to add some flavour...

You'll also need a baking tray, whatever size you have stuff to make for, I used a little one but you could use a full sized on and make a big dish for lots of people.

Step 2: Add Crisps

The bottom layer of this is crisps, just filled in to put as many in as possible, keep a few crisps for later though.

Step 3: Sauce!

I used sieved tomatoes left over from making pizza, you could substitute with various things...

I also added some hot sauce, since I like adding it to everything, brown sauce or BBQ would also add nicely to the tomatoes

Step 4: Cheese It!

I just sliced cheese for it because the cheesegrater needed washed and I wasn't in the mood.

Step 5: Crispy Topping

Crush some of the crisps up in the bag, you know the ones you kept aside? Sprinkle them on top of the cheese.

Step 6: Enjoy...

Eh enjoy as a snack or possibly as a starter, this could fit in to a meal similarly to nachos...



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    I can't sit and eat a giant bag of crisps without dip or something, just not my thing... So adding stuff to stuff is a habit...


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hahaha, that's awesome, man! I didn't realize it was you...I was reading through it and thinking "this personality's funny, I wonder who this is," and I looked at the name et voila. Heh, nice addition, you've added a lot of new stuff since I last talked to you. How's it going? (We talked about your 'getting through it' instructable a year or two ago...not life-changing, but not a short conversation either).

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    Ah things are up and down, been kicked outta my house, finished first year of tech, been in various states of employment... Eh mother disowned me but I found her tickets to the 1982 christmas dance in her hometown in a jacket she gave me and I laughed so hard I had to go round, vaguely fixing issues, turned out she didn't know much about me... Really it's been mad lately though, between job stuff, work experience and fixing up the house everyone's geting me out to parties... How about you then? Any big changes?

    Woah. Jeez man. I moved out to Vancouver, west coast of Canada, went to school for VFX for film/tv, working on a portfolio now so I can start applying for jobs sometime in the fall. It's been a rough year and a half or so but hopefully things will start workin' out. But you definitely sound like you had it rougher. Hahaha, I just looked at the pictures again. Chips, cheese and tomato sauce, that's awesome, hahaha.