Crispy Sandwich Sticks

Introduction: Crispy Sandwich Sticks

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Yummy, delectable, innovative tri-colour sandwich sticks with 3 kinds of filling, fried in airfryer. Prepare these sandwiches in advance for kids birthday party and airfryer later to add to the crispness. This is kids favorite lunch recipe.

Bread slices (Brown/ White) - 8 slices Coriander chutney - 2 tsp Tomato Ketchup - 2 tsp Shredded Cabbage - 1 cup Cheese slices - 2 pcs

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Step 1: Method

1. Remove the brown edges of the bread slices.

2. Place 1 bread slices, spread coriander chutney, place 2nd bread slice, spread cabbage and cheese slice, place 3rd bread slice, spread tomato ketchup, top with 4th bread slice.

3. Spread melted butter on all sides of sandwich. Cut the sandwich into 3 pcs to form sandwich sticks.

4. Place toothpick on each slice to hold the sandwich together.

5. Preheat airfryer and air fry all sandwich sticks at 180 degrees for 5 min.

6. Crispy tri-colour sandwich sticks are ready to serve.

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