Crispy Prawns in Hot Chillie Sauce

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                                 take some cleaned prawns and marinte by adding salt,flour,cornflour,pepper,soya sauce n 1 egg n keep asid 4 half hour..then fry that prawns in deep vegetable oil.

making -
                  and den in another wok add litl vege oil n add chopd ginger n garlic n clove crushd togathr n fry fw mts until it aromatic ad lil sugar too,aftr tht add chillie sauce,tomato sauce,soya sauce,sesami oil,oyster sauce n stir stil it boil..and den ad d fried prwans n mix by adin little ajinamoto....
..without marinating..part it vl tak 15 mts to finish dis dish..:).serve with hot!!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Don't you think that your project should be posted under FOOD instead of WORKSHOP? It will be much easier to search for it.

    shifna iqbal

    7 years ago on Introduction dis link Foolishage...:)..u cn gt to knw wt is ajinamoto mean..its a seasonin thing...if u cudn't find tht link then just typ for ajinamoto on google And then u cn find it easily,,,,btw thnk you for ur cmnt ..:)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    the recipe sounds good even though it can be a challenge to decipher some of your shorthand. I don't suppose you happen to have any amounts for the ingredients do you? The pics give a rough idea but specifics would be better :)
    btw, what is ajinamoto?