Crispy-shell Taco Holder

Introduction: Crispy-shell Taco Holder

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As some of you know I'm very partial to the 'short-and-sweet' inventorship viewpoint .. So let me share this one ...

Hard shell taco's just never want to stay where you put them ... while staying intact, that is..

So , in desparation I reached for:  a standard 12 oz  'Ball Jar'  now available by the 'case of 12' for el cheapo prices .. AND you get to use the jars for SOOO many other things ..

It just so happens that this jar has perfect dimensions for holding upright a taco shell, as witnessed by the enclosed pic ..

1) get one
2) use it as shown , but note to your guests that the jar itself can intermittently be used during your Taco Fiesta as a San Gria glass .. which, when emptied of drink, is ready for the next Taco !!

Ole' !

Addendum-dee-dumdum :
(dumb?  .. lemme know!) :

Carefully holding the Ball Jar while eating the taco which is mostly still inside the jar will drastically reduce 'spillage'  !!  making your Taco portable as you drift among your party-people , and only rarely staining your shirts/tops/hotbods with taco sauce! 



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    This is some real taco ingenuity. You could also wrap your crunchy shell in a soft tortilla covered in refried beans to fix the problem, but this is very clever as well. You Sir, are a taco wizard!

    IMG_1506 copy.JPG