Cristals Sugar Lollipop

Introduction: Cristals Sugar Lollipop

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Funny chemistry experiment : make cristals sugar lollipop

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Step 1: Ingredients

- 380 g of water,
- 1 kg of sugar,
- Long wooden skewer (a little longer than your glasses)
- Clothespins,
- Glasses with high sides.

Heat water and add sugar in several times.
Wait until the sugar in completely dissolved.

Step 2: Prepare the Sticks

Put the sticks under water and roll them in powdered sugar.
Let dry on a plate.

Step 3:

Pour the water into glasses (add food coloring if you have any).

When the mixture hascompletely cooled dip the sticks maintaining them with clothespin. They must not touch neither edges or glass bottom.

NB: Going fast for the photo, I have dip sticks non rolled in sugar.

Step 4: Waiting

Now you musn't moove glasses for few days.

Install where nobody would touch them (children, husband, cat..).

Intended to be eaten, I also protected them from dust.

Step 5: Still Waiting


The crystals begin to form.
Sugar also crystallises on the surface and in the glass.

Step 6: At Least


Carefully break the crust surface and hang the sticks in clean glasses until dry (one night long).

Step 7: Rewarding

Colorful lollipops, so beautiful that one hesitates to eat ...

Step 8: This Is Not the End !

As it remained much syrup in the glasses I dipped wooden toothpicks into smaller glasses.

Step 9:

D + 11

The colors are the same and the small size is more convenient for sweetening tea or coffee.
(My son stole the big orange one before I took the photo...)


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4 years ago

Thanks so much look simple and good!


5 years ago

those look delicious