Crochainmaille Winter Cap



Introduction: Crochainmaille Winter Cap

About: Inventor of Crochainmaille(crochet+ chainmaille) and Armorgurumi(Amigurumi made with Crochainmaille) granted most of my stuff published here involves yarn I hope to expand into other realms and materials.

This Instructable will show how to up-cycle an old baseball cap into a cozy winter cap

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Step 1: Things You Might Need

A ball cap

Some pliers for the jump-rings

3/8 inch jump-rings

Some yarn

A sewing needle

Sewing thread

some plastic beads(optional)

Step 2: Make the Chainmaille- Yarn Combo

Follow this instructable.. crochet "in the round" to make the initial cap cover.

Step 3: Center Tap the Cap

Removing that metal tab in the top of the and pull the center yarn strand from the yarn "cap cover" through the hole left behind in order to keep the cap centered for sewing

Step 4: Sew the Yarn to the Cap

Just like the title using the needle and thread sew the "cap cover" onto the cap.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Crochet some rows for ear covers and add some beads for effect...then enjoy

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