Crochet a Very Hungry Caterpillar: a Novice Approach

Introduction: Crochet a Very Hungry Caterpillar: a Novice Approach

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So my niece's birthday party is this Saturday and the theme is A Very Hungry Caterpillar.  I enjoyed that book as a child and as Bart Simpson said, "Damn, that caterpillar can eat!"  I wish I made a step by step instructable but I didn't think of it until I was almost done.  Oh well.

I'm still kind of learning how to crochet (started by watching YouTube videos) but this caterpillar is easy for anyone to make.  If my instructions are bad, I'm sorry.  I mean well. :) 

H hook
Green yarn
Red yard
polyfill (white cotton-like stuffing)
2 small yellow pom poms
2 small green pom poms
2 brown pipe cleaners 
2.5 hook
1 10 inch piece of brown yarn

Make your slipknot and chain 25, join.
Chain 1 and SC (single crochet) into each stitch (25 around).
Continue this process until the "body" of the caterpillar is a foot and a half long.  I didn't count the rounds.  Switch from green to red yarn by snipping the green yarn and tying the red yarn to it.  Continue with SC into each stitch.  There's about 12 rounds of red.  

Once you are done, get your needle and thread and sew the base of the caterpillar closed.  Get some of your stuffing and stuff away. I used a ruler to push down the stuffing to the bottom.  Make sure it's stuffed well, all the way to the top.  

Sew the head closed.  With your thread, make segments into the body.  By this I mean to get a long piece of thread and tie it around body, towards the end.  Tie it tightly so that it forms a segment.  Cut excess thread.  Excluding the head, there should be 10 segments altogether.  

For the eyes, I trimmed the green pom poms slightly smaller so that you can see the yellow behind it.  Sew the yellow pom pom and the green pom pom together, make 2  Sew the eyes into the head.

For the nose, get your small hook and make a slipknot.  Chain 5 and join.  Put one SC into each stitch, 2 rounds of this, tie off.  Sew nose into face.

For the feet and antenna: clip 6 - 1 1/2" pieces of pipe cleaner.  Thread the pipe cleaner into one of the stitches of the body, so that it can be bent in half equally.  Twist and turn up the end. Make sure the pointy ends are tucked.  Repeat for all feet.  For the antenna, clip 2 - 2 inch pieces.  Bend into this shape. _/\_.  Make 2.  Slip pieces into the top of the head.  Sew short ends into the head so that they won't get pulled out.  

All Done!  

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    That is so cute, it has the little feet too!