How to Crochet an Alpine Pom Pom Hat

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The hat is worked using a crochet stitch called the rib stitch. It's worked the same as a single crochet stitch, expect instead of inserting the hook into both stitches, you only insert the hook into the back loop.

It's a simple stitch that gives off a very complicated attitude. The dichotomy is irresistible. We combined it with one of the softest yarns out there, Malabrigo worsted, which creates a beautiful drape and offers true warmth in the cold Canadian winters.



  • sc = single crochet
  • st (s) = stitch (es)
  • sl st = slip stitch

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Step 1: To Begin the Pattern, Chain 67.

Split the skein in half so you can hold two strands together. Do this for both colors.

Chain 67, join in the round with a sl st in the Sapphire Green colour.

Step 2: Round 1: Work in Dc

Rnd1: Work in dc, but instead of inserting the hook through both loops, insert it only into the back loop. This creates the rib stitch. Continue working in the round until you reach the last stitch, place a stitch marker to remember where each rnd begins.

Step 3: Repeat Last Round 22 More Times

Rnds 2 – 23: Repeat rnd 1. Change to the Nostalgia color at the end of rnd 23.

Rnds 24 – 41: continue in pattern, bind off at the end of rnd 24 with a sl st.

Step 4: Assemble and Add a Pom Pom

Using a tapestry needle, pull the yarn through all the loops in the last round. Remove the tapestry needles and tug on the yarn to join the edge.

Attach a pom-pom and you’re done! Fold up the bottom of the hat to create an extra warm rim, or wear it as a slouchy hat.

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    HANKandHOOKUncle Kudzu

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks! Here's to hoping (maybe you can put it on the holiday gifts hint list...)


    3 years ago

    Waaitt a second...are you in Seattle? Is this a Seahawks beanie? Well, even though I'm up here in Boston I am going to give it a shot. Nice work...and it is a nice color scheme!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    hahaha nope we're on the other side of the pond - Toronto, so the color scheme was a total coincidence :) Share the pics when you make the hat, would love to see how it looks.

    Thanks! This is a great project for beginners, it's the same stitch over and over again. Give it a try :)