Crochet Bunny Backpack

Introduction: Crochet Bunny Backpack

About: A Software Engineer. I love learning new things. Hooked up with Instructables. It is the biggest find I ever made. :D Cooking and Crochet are my passion. I love to learn different techniques and cuisines.

Now this bag is an all time favourite among kids. I have made 2 bags like this for one of the sales I kept and it was one of the first picks. So here I will show how to make this beauty and kids favourite.

Step 1: Materials


Worsted Weight Yarn - Cream, pink

Size U.S. I/9 (5.50mm)


Tapestry Needle


Lining cloth

Special stitches:

Shell is "work 3 dc in same st or sp.

"Beginning Shell is "work ch 3, 2 dc in same st or sp."

Step 2: Base of the Bag

Starting out: Ch 51 or till the length you need.

Row 1: Work 1 DC in 2nd ch from hook. Continue working DC in each ch st to end. Join w/ sl st in 1st sc. You will now be working in rounds.

Row 2: Ch 2, DC in each stitch around and sl st to the first stitch.

This would form the base of the bag.

Step 3: Shell of the Bag

Rnd 1: Work Beginning Shell in same st as join. *Skip 2 stitches, then work Shell in the next st.*

Repeat between ** around. Join in top of ch 3.

Step 4: Continue the Shell

Rnd 2: Sl St in each dc of shell into sp between first two shells. Work Beginning Shell. *Work Shell in space between next shell.*

Repeat between ** to end. Join in top of ch 3.

Repeat Rnd 2 till the height of the bag needed. I have gone for about 10 rounds. So we are done with the base of the bag.

Step 5: Flap of the Bag

Let us do the flap of the pink. For this I have taken hot pink yarn. This will be the bunny face.

You start making a Magic Ring using a yarn and color of your choice.

1. Row: 4 SC into Magic Ring. 1 chain stitch and turn. (4 stitches)

2. Row: [ 2 SC into each stitch. ] Repeat from [ to ] till end of row. 1 chain stitch and turn. (8 stitches)

3. Row: [ 1 SC, 2 SC into next stitch. ] Repeat from [ to ] till end of row. 1 chain stitch and turn. (12 stitches)

Continue this way till you reach the flap size of the bag.

Step 6: Flap and Bag

Now attach the flap to one side of the bag. You can sew the flap to the bag.

Step 7: Bunny Ear

In the Magic Circle 6 DC.

Round 1: 2 DC in each stitch around

Round 2: *1 DC, 2 DC *, Repeat *to* around.

Round 3 - 8: 1 DC around

Make two such ears. Then, pinch the ears at the bottom and sew the ears over the flap of the bag

Step 8: Handle

Handle is very simple. Chain enough till the length you like. May be about 60 chain would be good.

Tr in the 3rd chain. Ch 2 and Tr across the entire length of the chain.

Make 2 such straps and sew it onto the bag.

Also take in and out yarn through the stitches of the top shell. If you want you can add a tassel at the end.

How to add tassel:

wrap yarn around a cardboard piece for about 10 turns. Cut through the yarns at one end and tie the yarn through the centre of the tassel pieces.

Step 9: Eyes

Now on to the parts of the bunny to give it the real look.

Add in some eyes. Glue it on. Also, fix a button at the inner side of the bag. The flap of the bag will be secured within the button.

Step 10: Lining and Zipper

Cut two piece of squares for lining keeping the bag for measurement. The lining should be slightly larger than the bag.
Stitch the three edges keeping one of the longer side open. I use the sewing machine for it. You can hand stitch too.

Then stitch in the zipper onto the lining cloth.Now you are all set with the lining. Sew the lining onto the bag. Fo this hand stitch is the best way to do it.

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    mile stone

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    Wooow this is so cute and amazing!!

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    Hey this is beautiful!! Kids would love it

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    maria joseph

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    In love with this :) Absolutely Fab..

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