Crochet Dragon


Introduction: Crochet Dragon

It's the year of the dragon! There's no more perfect occasion than this to make one (:
There's no pattern for this, since i really just did it impromptu...
But what i can provide information with is what stitches i used. 
The head was mostly scallop, with double/single/half-double crochet for the snout.
The mane consist of 2 parts
- the mess of chains (I didn't iron it out after i made it, so it looks quite clumped together) 
-the ring of 'petals' made of double crochet. 
The body was made of crocodile scale stitch, or whatever it is called. 
The tail (again, clumped, can't help it my yarn is too..springy.) is made of the basic stitches. 

...and you get a wonky dragon. 

EDIT: Sorry about the poor image quality, i've found another photo of it and kinda photoshopped it out to a black background. Hopefully it's more pleasant to the eyes ^^



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    I agree with scooch, a solid background allows your work to be better appreciated. This is really cute, my daughter has been doing a lot of free form crochet from baseballs and bats to halloween bats and skulls for pacifer holders

    Yay for Year of the Dragon! (I'm a dragon myself!)

    This is gorgeous and would be served well by some better photographs. I'm definitely not trying to criticize - I just want as many eyes on this project as possible! Do you think you could find a white background or something? And maybe do some close up shots of the body as well? It's really gorgeous work and I want you to have fun showing it off!

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    Ah i'll try (:
    The catch is that...I don't have it with me ^^; It was a gift for my grandparents.
    I took this with my disastrous phone camera, and even after editing it's still terrible -__-

    This is sooo pretty! I would love to make an amigurumi with detail like this someday!