Crochet Granny Heart - Free Tutorial

This crochet heart is very interesting and tutorial easy to follow. The most interesting detail - japanese flower, that are a central part of the heart. This project is based on a granny motif, but has a heart shape.

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Step 1: Video Instruction

In this tutorial used US terminology.

Step 2: Make a Flower in the Center

R1: Ch 6, sl st in the last ch. Ch 1, 6 sl st in each chains.

R2: Dc 8 in a ring, join with sl st.

Add a new color of yarn.

R3: 8 popcorn stitches (pc) with 5 dc and ch 2 between them.

Step 3: Make a Leaves

Add a green yarn.

R4: Dc 3 in the chain space, ch 2, dc 3 in the same space. Skip 2 pc st, then dc 3, ch 2, dc 3 in the next chain space. Repeat the process across the row, end with sl st.

Step 4: Heart Shape

Add white color of yarn.

R5: Sl st in the chain space between two leaves (in the corner of the square). Dc 5 in the next space, trc 3 in the space between pc of the previous row, dc 5 in the space, where you made previous dc 5. Sc 3 in the next space. Repeat the process in the next space. Sl st in the next space.

Step 5: Add a New Color of Yarn

R6: Sl st in the space, where you made 1st sl st by using white color of yarn. Sc in the 1st and in each stiches of the previous row. Sl st in the chain space after you made sc around half of the product. Sl st in the 2nd from 2 chains and in the next stitch.

R7: Ch 3, dc 2, trc in the space between pc st of the previous row, dc 3 in the stitches of the row higher. Dc 3 in the next space and the same in the next stitches. Trc 3 in the space between pc again, dc 3 in the space of the row higher and dc 2 in the next stitches. Dc 12, hdc, sc, sl st, sc, hdc, dc 12 in the next stitches. Dc 2 in the chain space, end with sl st.

Step 6: Decorace Edging Using a Crab Stitch

R8: Make sc moving from left to right.

Step 7: Finished

17 crochet heart tutorials are also avialable on my YouTube channel.

On Ravelry? You can add pattern to your queue here.

For more different crochet tutorials please visit my channel on YouTube.

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    9 months ago on Step 7

    The playlist for the 17 Crochet Heart Tutorials doesn't exit anymore:-((


    2 years ago

    That's really pretty!