Crochet Granny Square Inspired Scarf

Introduction: Crochet Granny Square Inspired Scarf

This is my Granny Square Inspired Crochet Scarf. I'm so glad I made this because it is definitely a favorite. It's thick and warm and soft, thanks to Caron 1 pound yarn.

This scarf is made by grouping several Double Crochets in each "space". (From row 2 and on.)This would be a great scarf, or stitch pattern, for a beginner because you're working into the "spaces" not an actual stitch, except for the turning chain.

If you need to learn how to Crochet into the Turning Chain go to

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Step 1: Supplies

Gather your supplies. I used an I/9 5.50mm 9UK size hook and Caron 1 Pound yarn in Cream. You can use any worsted weight yarn

Step 2: Pattern

Stitches: Single Crochet (row 1), Double Crochet (every row after)

Gauge: 3.2 sts per inch and 0.7 rows per inch

Chain 26, If you want to make another item and need to change the amount of chains just take away or add inmultiples of 3 (so you can + or - 3,6,9,12,15 chains etc....)

Length: 8.5 inches by 60 inches long

Rows: 96 including a last row of Single Crochets (optional)


TCH – Turning Chain

"Space"- The space between groups of 3dc's


Row 1: Do 1SC in the 2nd chain from the hook and in each chain across the row. (25 sc)

Row 2: ch3, 1DC in same space (meaning do the stitch at the base of the chain 3. Don't skip it like you would normally do), (skip 2SC, 3DC in next SC) 7 times total, Skip 2SC, 2DC in the last SC (7 dc groups made)

Row 3: ch3, (3DC into next space and in each space)8 times total, end with 1DC into TCH (8 groups)

Row 4: ch3, 1DC same space, (3DC into next space )x 7, 1DC into TCH (7 dc groups)

Repeat rows 3 and 4

Optional: I did a row of Single Crochets for the last row. Chain 1 turn, Do 1 sc in each stitch AND space across the entire row.

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