Crochet Instagram Phone Case

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Intro: Crochet Instagram Phone Case


Hey momoluvers it's Momo and today I'll be showing y'all how to make this super simple phone case that is fun and easy to make. This makes a perfect gift for any camera, photography, or social media lover! Enjoy

Step 1: Supplies

1. Tan/light brown yarn
2. Darker brown yarn
3. Blue, red, green, and yellow yarn or felt
4. Scissors
5. Needles
6. Crochet hook 5.25 mm

7. Dark gray or black yarn

Step 2: Cast On

Make a chain with 23-24 stitches, depending on your phone size. I have an iPhone 5 so you should have a good idea of how many stitches that would comfortably fit your phone.

Step 3: Continuing On

Join your chain in a round and work until you have about 7-8 rounds

Step 4: Switch It Up

Switch the yarn to the tan or light brown color and continue working for 13 more rounds

Step 5: Lens

Create a small magic circle in the black or dark gray yarn.

Switch to the tan/light brown yarn and and crochet one round

Sew the lens onto the camera in between the two colors, but slightly more on the tan side

Step 6: Colors

Stitch each color onto the left side of the case.

Step 7: Close It Up

Stitch the bottom of the case to seal it up.

Step 8: به پایان رسید

And that's it! I hope y'all enjoyed this tutorial and had fun making it. Let me know how you like these kinds of tutorials,

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    Thanks so much! It turned out great I made one for an iPhone 6 and one for a 4

    16, 11:32 AM.jpg

    Hey momo, can you make a instructables robot as a phone case? That would be awesome:)